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How to Effectively use Direct Mail and Online Campaigns for Your Business

By Seymour Ravinsky | June 28, 2020

As with all marketing, direct mail comes down to hitting the right target with the right message at the right time. However, the goal of your direct mail is not always to push prospects to act immediately. Rather, it’s to pull them deeper into your inbound channels, where you can more precisely track their preferences, … Read more

Business Cards | Business Card Printing

How New Business Cards Can Help Grow Your Business

By Seymour Ravinsky | June 15, 2020

If you’re just starting out your business or a small business owner trying to become appealing to more prospects, deciding on how your brand will look is extremely important. Your branding consists of several elements namely, your logo, your website’s layout, and your product itself. When you’re building your business identity, your offline presence matters … Read more

Direct Mail Marketing | Direct Mailers

Should You Use Both Direct Mail Marketing and Online Marketing for Your Business?

By Seymour Ravinsky | June 7, 2020

Direct mail and digital are often treated as an either/or proposition. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Both direct mail and digital initiatives achieve greater results when their forces are combined. Digital tools give accountability to direct mail campaigns, while direct mail can give real-world tangibility to digital efforts. In fact, each … Read more

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Increase your business with Postcard Printing

By Seymour Ravinsky | June 7, 2020

No matter what industry you’re in or what your ideal customer looks like, we are 100% sure you can use custom postcards to help you attract more business. Not only are postcards an affordable option, but they are also a quick and simple option with endless opportunity. Business owners and companies have also found ways … Read more

Marketing Door Hangers | Doorknob Hangers

What are the Advantages of Using Door Hangers to Advertise Your Business?

By Seymour Ravinsky | April 30, 2020

Door hangers are one of the oldest forms of marketing there is, and it still is used by tons of people, organizations, and businesses today. This longtime use of this method proves one thing to us, that it’s effective. Even with the world progressing to becoming more digitally centered with social media, electronic billboards, and … Read more

Custom T-Shirts | T-Shirt Printing

Benefits of Custom Print T-Shirts

By Seymour Ravinsky | April 28, 2020

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here at Phoenix Blueprints, we agree with this sentiment. This saying is probably a large reason why many businesses decide to go with some kind of eye-catching advertisement to get their message across. Something that many businesses haven’t considered but is just as eye-catching, if not … Read more

Postcard Marketing

3 Benefits of Postcard Marketing

By Seymour Ravinsky | April 15, 2020

If you run a business you may be looking for a fun way of standing out amongst your competitors. Everyone’s first thought when considering their options is social media, and we can’t blame them. 2020 marks the digital age and the new digital world we live in; however, this type of marketing can get stale … Read more

Direct Mail Marketing

Everything You Need to Know About Postcard Marketing

By Seymour Ravinsky | April 3, 2020

In today’s world, there seem to be billboards, signage, and mail advertising coming at us from all kinds of directions. This is what happens when the market becomes saturated. A saturated market does not mean that your business cannot stand out though, it just means that you need to find new ways to set yourself … Read more

Postcard Printing

What Are Your Options for Postcard Printing in Coral Springs?

By Seymour Ravinsky | March 31, 2020

When it comes to making sure your business or brand stands out amongst the competition, it’s no secret that printing postcards are a great place to start. In addition to being convenient, and effective, they are also a cost-effective solution to mass marketing. Here at Phoenix Blueprints, we know that having a team of experts … Read more

Postcard Printing

What is Direct Mail Marketing and How Can You Use It for Your Business in Coral Springs?

By Seymour Ravinsky | March 17, 2020

Direct mail marketing is a great way to get your customer’s attention. Not only that but direct mail marketing gives you the opportunity to reach your customers in the one place you KNOW they’ll be. Their Homes and Businesses.  Here at Phoenix Blueprints, we offer a variety of direct mail options that are sure to … Read more

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