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Choosing the Best Postcard Design for Your Next Marketing Campaign

By Seymour Ravinsky | July 29, 2021

Postcards are making a comeback as direct mail pieces are different ways for businesses to advertise.  Statistics show that 150 million postcards are sent out every year, and out of this number, 42% are scanned.  70% of those receiving postcards feel that this form of advertising is more personal versus online ads.  According to the … Read more

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What Are The Differences In Network Set-up And Which One Is Right For You?

By Seymour Ravinsky | July 29, 2021

Postcards are a common form of advertisement for businesses and an avenue for organizations to get out their message.    Sending direct mail pieces leads to more reviews from your target audience, with 42% scanning a postcard and 62% purchasing within three months.    You reach out directly to your target audience and do so … Read more

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Can Every Door Direct Mail Improve Your Marketing and Lead to More Sales?

By Seymour Ravinsky | June 25, 2021

The lifeblood of any business is sales and reaching out to new customers in cost-effective ways. Typically, businesses are pushed to invest in online marketing to enhance the efficiency of these efforts.  Sometimes, traditional methods of reaching out to your target market in specific communities and zip codes produce the best results. Every door direct … Read more

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6 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Direct Mail Marketing

By Seymour Ravinsky | June 11, 2021

With so many effective digital marketing trends, some may wonder whether it’s worth executing a direct mail marketing strategy. However, this traditional form of marketing is a great way for your business to engage with its audience. That isn’t to say you should cease your email marketing strategies in favor of direct mail. In fact, … Read more

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Business Cards Still Matter

By Seymour Ravinsky | May 27, 2021

Handing out business cards to potential clients has been a standard practice for decades. Now that we are entering a digital age, many of us wonder if it is still necessary.    For any business owner looking to increase sales and establish ties with potential clients, business cards are essential.   According to experts at … Read more

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Postcards or Door Hangers? Which Option is Best for Your Business?

By Seymour Ravinsky | April 29, 2021

Many businesses rely on digital marketing methods to spread the word about their products or services. But, it’s not the only way to get the message out there. With EDDM mail, or every door direct mail marketing, you can spread the word to targeted communities right at their doorstep. It takes everything that makes digital … Read more

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Who Can Benefit From Direct Mail Marketing?

By Seymour Ravinsky | April 15, 2021

The digital world we live in today has shaped the way many of us decide how to market ourselves. Now, almost every business, company, and organization is on social media and has a website. And each platform or app requires some form of strategy.    Strategy is a necessity as there are hundreds of millions … Read more

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Should You Use Both Direct Mail Marketing and Online Marketing for Your Business?

By Seymour Ravinsky | March 7, 2021

Direct mail and digital are often treated as an either/or proposition. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Both direct mail and digital initiatives achieve greater results when their forces are combined. Digital tools give accountability to direct mail campaigns, while direct mail can give real-world tangibility to digital efforts. In fact, each … Read more

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Increase your business with Postcard Printing

By Seymour Ravinsky | March 7, 2021

No matter what industry you’re in or what your ideal customer looks like, we are 100% sure you can use custom postcards to help you attract more business. Not only are postcards an affordable option, but they are also a quick and simple option with endless opportunity. Business owners and companies have also found ways … Read more

Custom T-Shirts

How Does the Custom T-Shirt Process Work?

By Seymour Ravinsky | February 13, 2021

If you haven’t already heard of the great benefits of having customizable t-shirts for your company, then we got you covered. Here at Phoenix Blueprints, we are all about marketing your company in the most effective way possible. This includes t-shirt marketing for many reasons, but the main one is due to the number of … Read more

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