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At Phoenix Blueprints, we offer a variety of printing services that will be sure to amaze not only you but your clients and potential customers! From business card printing to custom company apparel, continue reading to learn about all the services Phoenix Blueprints offers.


Business Card Printing

Although we may not all be looking for a business card with subtle off-white coloring like Paul Allen in American Psycho, Phoenix Blueprints is your go-to Business Card Printer in Coral Springs! All of our products are printed on high-quality papers and in a very fine printing quality for your complete satisfaction. We provide Silk Premium cards for local businesses, with a standard size of 2″ x 3.5″.


Brochure Printing

As for your Brochure, Printing needs, Phoenix Blueprints has the best available materials, products, and customer service on the market. With a superior brochure from Phoenix Blueprints, your business can generate buzz, increase traffic, and even save money. When it comes to the information that you can put on your brochures, the possibilities are endless! From your company’s history to fun facts and contact information, brochures will tell your company’s story in a unique way. Phoenix Blueprints has what it takes to make customizing your brochures easier than ever before. Whether it is an 8.5″x11″ trifold or a large-format right-angle half fold, we have the equipment to get the perfect size for you. If your company needs 100, 200, or 1000 brochures, Phoenix Blueprints will deliver a highly professional full-color brochure at a very low comparative cost.


Door Hanger Printing

Phoenix Blueprints also offers door hanger printing for South Florida businesses! One of the oldest forms of marketing there is, door hangers have always been a powerful and direct marketing tool to promote your business. The benefit of door hangers is that they guarantee that your potential customer is going to receive the piece of the advertisement, but you are also adding a little bit of a personal touch by going out of your way to put it on the door. Divided into categories for easy use, Phoenix Blueprints offers a wide array of styles that provides your business the platform to quickly bring your message right to your audience’s door. By including this marketing piece to your business tactics, a creative door hanger from Phoenix Blueprints will be sure to draw people into your company!


Postcard Printing 

Phoenix Blueprints offers the best available postcard design, printing, and marketing in Coral Springs. By choosing Phoenix Blueprints, your postcard will be sure to captivate your targeted demographic and drive up business. In addition to designing and printing the best postcards in all of South Florida, Phoenix Blueprints will also market your postcard using Direct Mail Marketing! Through Direct Mail Marketing, your postcards will be at least read by two people: the person receiving the postcard and the mail person who delivered it. Don’t worry about whether or not people will read your ad, with a postcard from Phoenix Blueprints, it will be sure to make a lasting impression on the community. Even if the postcard is disposed of the same day, with a postcard designed and printed by Phoenix Blueprints, your company name and brand image will make an impression. 


Custom Company Apparel

If you’re looking to either promote your business through custom apparel or reward your employees for a job well done, consider Phoenix Blueprints for your custom company apparel needs! All you need to do is start with a design or logo. From there, Phoenix Blueprints can help walk you through the rest of the designing process! With our simple, user-friendly online process, Phoenix Blueprints can easily make your apparel for you. Once you have your design or logo, we’ll help you pick out what type of shirt you would like. After you have selected your shirt, you can then insert colors, designs, and text to the shirt. After this, the experts at Phoenix Blueprints will begin producing your shirts in a timely manner! Using only the best materials available, your employees or customers will be sure to love your custom company apparel.

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No matter what you’re in need of we have got you covered. Whether it be postcard designs, t-shirt’s or other types of company apparel, direct mailers, brochures, or something else – we are your one-stop-shop for printing services in Coral Springs, Fl! When you choose Phoenix Blueprints, you can expect great quality and fantastic prices. If you’re ready for the world to learn more about your brand with our print services, then give us a call today at (954)-945-9399 to get started!

Top Five Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing

When it comes to marketing, there are many avenues you can pursue. Some of the most common include online marketing, social content marketing, influencer marketing, and SEO marketing. However, other means are more tangible and cost-efficient. As the online market becomes overly saturated, consumers are becoming immune to the consistent sales pitch in the forms of online ads. This means that they don’t even notice the ads anymore, because of how common they are. Therefore, the new form of marketing is something more tangible, such as direct mail marketing. Direct mail marketing essentially means that your postcards or flyers will be sent directly to the home of the consumer, hoping that it converts their interest into a sale. If you’ve been considering direct mail marketing, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn more!   

 Exposure Targets with Direct Mail Marketing   

Perhaps the most important reason to use direct mail marketing is that it helps you to target those you are most interested in. This means that you have direct access to the demographics you’re trying to reach. If you’re looking to target those in higher-income neighborhoods, for example, then you’ll be able to hone in on specific zip codes. If you’re looking for underserved communities, then you’ll be able to use those zip codes. Meet your market directly!   

 List Your Services   

With digital marketing, you are only allowed to put a certain amount of words into a specific post. This means that you can only share so much. With flyers and postcards, you can put more of your services into your marketing. You can add your slogan, a catchy title, and the services you provide to offer a landing page, of sorts, to your audience. Of course, you won’t want it to be overwhelming. Yet, with so much space, you can make more of an impact.   

 Guaranteed Opening Rate  

Another huge benefit of direct mail is that you’re guaranteed a 100% open rating. This means that potential customers will hold the mail in their hands, and they’ll at least glance over the information. The more you can be direct with your messaging, the better your chances that you’ll gain some traction. You only have a few moments to make them take a second look, but with a direct mailer, at least they’re taking a first look! As mentioned, online marketing is becoming too dismissible, but direct mailing is hard to miss!  


Last, but not least, direct mail marketing is one of the most affordable options out there. It allows companies to send 500 to 5,000 mailers out at a time. Bulk ordering in this way allows clients to spend less while reaching more. It’s an excellent option for those that are looking to start small and measure the impact. It’s recommended by many business professionals to test the zip codes first. Then, when they show promise, to invest more.   


If you’re looking for direct mail marketing printable, you’re in the right place. At Phoenix Blueprints, we’re here to help you with all of your printing needs. With years in the industry and a vast array of knowledge in the printing industry, we’re sure that we can help you with what you’re looking for. Contact the professionals today at 954-951-8735 and see how we can help you grow your business in a cost-effective, and time-efficient way!   

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